The West

West of the Blessed Isle, the Inner Sea opens out into the great Western Ocean. At first, islands are large and common, and they grow smaller and less frequent as one travels west.

The west is the least populous part of the Realm, as there is less area for people to inhabit. Those that dwell in the islands here are primarily seafarers, fisherfolk and shipbuilders. Each island and archipelago here is its own independent nation. Many are pirate havens.

Cities in the west

The Neck

A peaceful collection of small islands, the inhabitants survive by fishing and collecting kelp. The Neck is tributary to the realm but pays only in shells and coral jewelry, having nothing else of value. It has frequent contact with water spirits and elementals.


The Coral Archipelago is a militant state ruled by an elected dictator. The populace is appeased through lavish festivals. With the Realm weakened, they have begun to sack and conquer smaller islands.


The capital city of the Wavecrest Archipelago, a peaceful collection of islands large enough to support agriculture. A passive tributary of the Realm, Wavecrest has recently begun scaling back the tribute it pays.

The West

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