The North

Near the shores of the Inner Sea surrounding the Blessed Isle, the lands of the north are chilly grasslands and pine woods. As one continues north, the cold becomes increasingly bitter and the wind grows ever stronger. Winters are long, and the short summer barely allows the tundra to thaw before the ice closes in again.

The tundra eventually turns into a permanently frozen wasteland running to the foothills of the northern mountains. It is said that far to the north, there is simply a great expanse of grey snow and frigid winds.

A large number of petty kingdoms and city-states sit along the short of the Inner Sea, and the White Sea to the north. In the south, most are tributaries of the Realm, with the cities becoming more independent as one travels north.

Well known cities :


An ancient First Age city located in the mountains of the far north. Abandoned until a few centuries ago, Gethamane is now inhabited by refugees from the Realm who subsist on the fruits of the city’s fungus gardens. The city is known for the passages beneath, from which man-devouring horrors occasionally emerge. Gethamane has never paid tribute to the Realm.


The largest city in the north. Whitewall is ruled by the Syndics, four manifested spirits. The city borders the White Sea, and is connected to the Inner Sea by an enchanted road that keeps itself clear of ice and snow. Whitewall pledges fealty to the Realm, but has never paid it tribute.


The capital of the Haslanti league, an alliance of city-states that lie along the shores of the White Sea. The Haslanti are known as skilled craftsmen and shrewd traders. They sell mammoth ivory and amber to the Realm, along with refined ore and manufactured goods. The Haslanti are tributaries of the Realm, but have withheld tribute since the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress.


A city-state on the shores of the Inner Sea, ruled by House Ferem, a Dynastic house known for its Dragon Blooded offspring. Cherak subsists on whaling and is the main shipping port for wares of the city states on the White Sea. Cherak is loyal to the Realm.

The North

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