The East

The near East, towards the Inner Sea, was the heartland of the Old Realm. The fertile soil, regular rains, and abundant resources meant the land was heavily settled and the source of much of the Realm’s prosperity. During the Great Contagion, this was one of the areas hardest hit.

Today, the East consists of city-states of various sorts. Most are built along the numerous rivers, and serve as manufacturing centers and redistribution points for local produce.

The Realm has made numerous attempts to invade the East, the lure of military salvage, forgotten weapon caches and the prestige of reclaiming the heartland of the Old Realm is too much to resist. So far, the Realm’s armies have been unable to reclaim their ancient holdings.

The heart of the near East is the River Province. This area was the military and administrative center of the Old Realm. After the devastation of the Great Contagion, the area’s reputation for prosperity drew displaces persons from all over the lands. Due to the large numbers of ruins and the treasure-seekers they draw, the area today is known as the Scavenger Lands. Most cities in the Scavenger Lands are independent, and pay no tribute to the Realm.

Cities in the East


With three-quarters of a million inhabitants, Nexus is one of the largest cities outside the Realm. Nexus is ruled by the mysterious Council of Entities. The Council makes its will known through the Emissary, a white-robed, silver masked figure. The laws of Nexus are well known in the city.


An armed camp promoting military ideals, Lookshy is ruled by Dragon-Blooded nobility. It is primarily an agricultural and crafts community. Lookshy pays tribute to the Realm.

Great Forks

Where the Rolling and Yellow Rivers meet lies the city of Great Forks. Ruled by three manifested spirits, the city is known for its festivals, as well as being a producer of alcohol and recreational drugs.


To the north of Nexus lies the necropolis of Sijan. Devoted to funereal rites and burials, the city is home to the world’s greatest undertakers and the mausoleums of the city are nearly inviolable.


The capital of the Linowan nation, tribal hunters and fishers who fight an eternal war with Haltans, who live in the redwood forests to the east of Rubylak. The Linowan people are staunch allies of the Realm, and trade and raid at their allies’ behest.


The capital of the Haltan nation. Haltans are friends of the redwoods, and this city is built in the trees themselves. The Haltans are known for their tamed animals, and animal companions are a large part of most Haltans’ lives.

The East

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