Elemental Pole

Creation is bounded and defined by the 5 Elemental Poles.

At the center of the world, upon The Blessed Isle, lies the Elemental Pole of Earth, the axis of creation and stable center of reality. The Isle is the stronghold of the Realm.

Far to the north is the Elemental Pole of Air, a sheer precipice beyond which exists only air and snow. The land grows progressively colder as one approaches the pole.

In the east is the great forest, leading to the Elemental Pole of Wood. The pole is densely wooded area, a great cathedral of trees stretching as far up and down as the eye can see.

To the south is a scorching desert, where snow never falls and few plants will grow. Beyond the desert lies the Elemental Pole of Fire. Beyond the pole there is nothing but colorless, smokeless flame.

Finally, to the west beyond the Western Ocean is the Elemental Pole of Water. The sky and sea seem to merge, and there is nothing to disturb the still surface of the water.

Elemental Pole

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