Winters' Gambit


It seemed like a fairly normal evening in the city of Larjyn. Various travelers had gathered in the tavern for a meal. As the sun set, Isaac, a local farmer, entered and sat in a chair that had been specially designed for him. At over eight feet, his entrance caused some talk amongst the others in the tavern, and some even approached to speak with him.

As the evening wore on, Isaac began to get cold shivers up and down his spine, though he could find no reason for it. Another traveler began complaining that he smelled rotten meat, though no one else in the tavern appeared to smell anything.

The characters left the tavern to look for the source of the strange feelings. At the end of the street, they saw three figures standing outlined in the town’s open gate. Hailing the figures produced no response, they did not even seem to notice the party. Approaching closer, Isaac realized that one of the figures appeared to be his wife. Another of the group had no skin at all, and the final member was a nondescript woman. As Isaac approached the group and called out to his wife, a group of zombies appeared and attacked the party.

The figures in the gate merely stood and watched as the zombies attacked. Some of the undead broke off to attempt to break into houses on the sides of the street, and others attacked the characters. Isaac took several solid hits from the creatures, but on the verge of death he was surrounded by a warm beam of sunlight and found himself gazing into the face of the Unconquered Sun, who offered his hand and raised the mortal back to his feet. When the vision faded, Isaac was surrounded by a brilliant blaze of solar energy and felt power flowing through him from his Exaltation.

The others experienced similar transformations during the battle. Ryoh heard whispering voices all around him with no apparent source. As the battle continued, the voices became louder and more insistent, and memories of other lives began to flood his mind. He remembered lifetime after lifetime, and in each life he remembered dying at the hands of the Dragon Blooded and their servants in the Wyld Hunt. The as yet unnamed archer stood in the shadows and fired his arrows. As he did so, the shadows began to shift and move, flowing over him and concealing him from view, though they did not impede his vision. Suddenly, the cocoon of shadows ruptured and he found himself surrounded by a corona of pale light.

Isaac fired blasts of solar energy at his wife, hoping to drive out whatever spirit was possessing her. Jeran hurled knives and javelins at the odd figures, and the others continued to fire their arrows. Only Isaac’s Essence fueled blasts appeared to be having an effect. The strange woman began to chant in a strange language, which began to resonate in Jeran’s head. As her chant reached a crescendo, the echo overwhelmed Jeran with memories of spells he used to know, as he Exalted in another flare of Essence. A tornado sprang up around the three figures, then disappeared into the distance. The zombies crumbled into dust when the strangers retreated.

As the party turned around, each of them a blazing inferno of Essence, they were confronted by a group of townspeople who ordered them to leave town, recognizing them as Anathema. As they were leaving town, Old Addie, the village wise woman waved them into her hut. She expressed her appreciation for their action, and let them know that not everyone stood against them. She also gave the party directions to an ancient tomb in the nearby forest where they would be able to hide out for a time.

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